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Honda Ignition Coil 12v Elsinore QA Z MR MT 50 125 175 250
Honda Ignition Coil 12v Elsinore QA Z MR MT 50 125 175 250

Honda Ignition Coil 12v Elsinore QA Z MR MT 50 125 175 250

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Part Number:053-045

BRAND NEW Aftermarket 12 volt / SINGLE Output Ignition Coil.

A 12 volt coil can be used in a 6 volt setup. In some cases you may want to use an external resistor to lower the ohms.

But test your own setup before doing so.

Note: Comes with a Free 45 Degree Cap. If you have the longer cap you may have to re-use your existing cap. It just unscrews from the wire.

Note: You may have to make modifications to the mounting point, mounting position or wiring connections (If you currently have 2 wires going to your coil, you would only connect the 12 volt wire. The unit is Self Grounding)!

You may have to re-use your old bracket and you WILL have to re-use your existing condenser. But at the cost of a new OEM coil, it's worth the effort to spend some time on the mount and connections to make this work. Please understand this BEFORE making a purchase!


Possible Replacement for these OEM #'s : 30400-045-035, 30500-120-005, 30500-120-003, 30500-165-033, 30500-165-013, 30500-165-023, 30530-126-921, 30500-098-671, 30530-330-405, 30400-107-007, 30400-107-154, 30400-137-670, 30500-115-013, 30400-129-670, 30500-128-013, 30500-950-405, 30500-355-003, 30530-355-003, 30500-131-003, 30500-153-003, 30500-437-010


Possible Replacement for these OEM #'s : 355-82310-40-00, 5G4-82310-40-00, 1W2-82310-40-00, 1M2-82310-40-00, 5X6-82310-40-00, 4V5-82310-40-00, 439-82310-40-00, 1T9-82310-40-00, 437-82310-40-00, 336-82310-40-00, 3Y1-82310-40-00, 2X6-82310-40-00.

OEM?: No. | Brand: 2FastMoto. | Warranty: 90 Day. | Mounting Hole Width: 53mm. | Mounting Mods Needed: Possibly. | Overall Width: 70mm. | Manufacturer Part Number: 2FM-053-045 - ba804c23-d47. | CCP Ref Number: 2FM-053-045. |

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