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2FastMoto High Performance Ignition Coil Honda CR125 CR250 Elsinore CR85

2FastMoto High Performance Ignition Coil Honda CR125 CR250 Elsinore CR85

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High Performance 6 volt or 12 volt / SINGLE Output Ignition Coil 

For both 6V and 12V POINTS or CDI

NOTE: Male connection is for the wire coming from your ignition switch. Then connect the wire from the points to one of the mounting bolts of the coil. That mount needs to be grounded to the bike!

NOTE: Mounting position of this coil may be different than your original. Some modification may be needed to properly mount this coil on your bike! Please see SPECS!

Spark plug cap not included!

Resistance will be lower on a High Performance Coil!


Voltage: 6 or 12 volts

Primary Resistance: 0.5 ohms

Secondary Resistance: 5.0 ohms

Diameter of Body: 35mm

Height of Body: 30mm

Length of Mounting Tab: 17mm

Width of Mounting Tab: 22mm

Diameter of Mounting Tab Hole: 6mm

Spark plug wire: 18" (Can be unthreaded from the coil for wiring)

Includes: One 5" long free lead wire with ring terminal, which should be grounded. It's marked with "E" (Earth) on the coil. The other spade terminal on the coil is marked with "LT".

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