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2FastMoto 20mm Brake Radial Master Cylinder Hydraulic Brembo Style Suzuki
2FastMoto 20mm Brake Radial Master Cylinder Hydraulic Brembo Style Suzuki

2FastMoto 20mm Brake Radial Master Cylinder Hydraulic Brembo Style Suzuki

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Part Number:02-65043

The radial master cylinder has effectively revolutionized motorcycle braking systems over the past ten years. Designed originally for use on racing machines, it has become more and more popular over time for Super Sport, and even naked bikes, while retaining the identity of an out-and-out racing component, still used today in MotoGP competition.

Today, bike enthusiasts everywhere can upgrade the braking system on their machines simply by replacing the production master cylinder with a radial.

Why radial? The definition indicates a configuration whereby force can be transmitted to the piston in phase with the force applied by hand to the lever, eliminating the friction that would be generated if these forces were separated.

In other words, the effort exerted by hand on the lever and the force applied by the lever to the piston are both generated in the same direction radially relative to the point where the cylinder is anchored, i.e. the handlebar. With this type of construction, the master cylinder can be designed with the focus on optimizing hydraulic and mechanical ratios, and consequently on improving its performance. This means that the force applied to the lever can be converted entirely into powerful, dependable and precise braking action.

For twin-disc systems: the 19x20 cylinder is great for street and track applications.

Technical Data: Adjustable Pivot Distance: RCS System, the rider can set the brake lever pivot point simply by turning an adjuster bolt located on the front of the lever clevis.

MotoGP Piston Assembly: The piston, seals and push-rod are the same as those of master cylinders used by all riders in MotoGP and Superbike competition. In practice, MotoGP and Superbike provide the ultimate test-bed for these components, given the enormous stresses involved: late and hard braking, ultra-high disc temperatures.

Under these conditions, the rider must be able to rely on supreme dependability and unwavering efficiency of the braking system. The master cylinder plays a key role in the braking action, and with a MotoGP piston assembly fitted, top performance will be guaranteed whatever the conditions.

Master Cylinder Body: The body of the master cylinder is an aluminum alloy forging*, machined on CNC (Computer Numerical Control) equipment and weight-relieved by milling.

Brake Lever: The brake lever is made up of two main components: the Racing Lever Clevis, and the lever itself, forged and hinged to the clevis. The clevis incorporates a patent system allowing angular movement only in the event that the bike should happen to fall or crash. This prevents the lever from rotating accidentally, and provides increased dynamic safety. The lever span adjustment control has been repositioned and is now aligned with the lever, so that the adjuster can also be located remotely. Operating this control, the position of the lever contact face remains unchanged relative to the cylinder body, so that the optimum operating angle of the push rod can be maintained. This means that the lever can be drawn closer to or distanced from the handlebar without any adverse effect on the mechanism, guaranteeing minimal friction and zero waste of energy.

Lever Return Springs: Two high load springs are used to ensure that the contact face and push-rod remain permanently engaged. This avoids the eventuality of wear through chatter that could be induced by vibrations from the machine, as well as introducing a further element of safety during the transition from throttle to brake, and generally prolonging the life of the various components.

Brake Switch: A hydraulic brake switch will be needed for street use.  


Brand: 2FastMoto. | Manufacturer Part Number: 02-65043 - baf28a19-cda. | Warranty: 90 Day. | Country/Region of Manufacture: Taiwan. | CustomTag_0: Lever Length. | CustomTag_0: 7 1/2". | Lever Length: 7 1/2". | CCP Ref Number: 02-65043. |

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